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Gratitude journaling in the morning keep what you love in mind

Gratitude Journaling – keep what you love in mind

“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive”


How about this wonderful happiness practice? Gratitude Journaling – just write down a couple of words, a sentence, a paragraph… about something in your life you are grateful for. Maybe something simple that is beyond your control in life like a shift in the wind that lets you know spring is coming or a little sunlight when walking to the supermarket. Maybe it’s gratitude for someone in your life or a fur baby.

As the saying goes, “God is in the details” when we gaze into the smallest moments of life we find beauty and gratitude. It’s no coincidence that prayer and gratitude go hand in hand.

  1. Set an intention for your schedule. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but try for at least several times a week. Maybe just after you wake up, or before you walk into work, at lunch or at your kids’ soccer practice; a little consistency goes a long way.
  2. Your gratitude journal could be a small notebook or an app on your phone.
  3. Now, write!
  4. Whatever you write only has to make sense to you
  5. As you being to write on a regular schedule you may find that you would rather write longer entries with less frequency. Or maybe you’ll be drawn to writing just a few words everyday. ,

Gratitude and happiness are connected like the sun and the sky. It’s not just woo woo wishes either, there is solid science at play here. When we express gratitude, our brains release feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. These brain chemicals are natural mood enhancers, creating a sense of joy and contentment.

In the realm of personal relationships, the power of gratitude is undeniable. When we express gratitude to our loved ones, it deepens our connections with them. Please make gratitude a part of your relationships – be it a simple “thank you” note or heartfelt appreciation. Strong, positive relationships are a cornerstone of lasting happiness.

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